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Acetrikes industrials Co., Ltd. Head office located in Chang Hua Taiwan, The founder and the president Mr. Wu Yao Ming established company in 1975, we have been producing many kind and sizes bicycles, such as tricycle, BMX/FS and adult derailleur bikes ( Road bike, MTB, ATB, City bike ) for 35 years and also producing the electric bicycles and scooters for many years, Acebikes group owned the affiliated companies including JCE-JCB electrical Technology Co., Ltd, Jian Tai bicycle parts Co., Ltd, Jia Cheng carton Co., Ltd and Yu Shun bicycle frame manufactured Co., Ltd.
After over 30 years development, we have owned numerous equipments for bicycle manufacturing, including ERP system arranged production and the complete set of standard of quality control, Acebikes bicycles ( Taicang ) factory had been certified with ISO9001 2000  IQNet & QMI、CQC and have obtained the World Mfg Code WMI L4L. Now we have implementing the TPS (Toyota Production System) a... [more]
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